A cup of Coffee Cookie?

I was obsessed with making these cookie cups this week. It was not easy at all, yes I did 3 tries to finally accepting the outcome. I was brainstorming how I can make a cup out of cookie dough. So I come up with idea, get very excited about it… then got my feeling crushed because it didn’t come out the way I wanted.

So what’s in this? I used my sugar cookie dough with almond extract for the cup, handle, and spoon.  Then I dipped the spoon in tinted white chocolate and painted the top of the cup with white chocolate.   This cup was made with 4 pieces, so I had to use white chocolate to construct together.   The cookie dough is very tasty (I know that well because I ate all the failed cookie cups!)  The cup is filled with Dark Chocolate Mousse with Kahlua, this is very delicious.    Then I’ve added cinnamon and vanilla infused meringue swirls, this gives different crunch from cookies.


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