Delicious Apple Dumpling

My girlfriend Penny game me a link to the Cook’s Country recipes.   The email had several recipes but she already pointed out in the email that she loves “Apple Dumplings”, so my eyes were searching and craving for that recipe.  Yup! I found it!   I saw a photo of it and said “Ahhh I have to make this!”  I had a couple of special apples which I got from the Apple Festival in Henderson, NC over the Labor Day weekend.   Yea, we drove 11 hours to get there, so these are very special apples to me.

Here is the link to their site for recipe and video.  Apple Dumplings Recipe by Cook’s Country  I love the magazine because they have tested recipes and explanation of ingredients.  :)   If you don’t want to bother with the dough, you could use the pie pastry or biscuit that are ready to bake.  The dough making was easy for me because I used my “ninja” food-processor/blender thingy and it worked  great.

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