Betty Boop is HERE!

I was asked to make a birthday cake for someone who loves Betty Boop.  My original plan was to make   a flat printed Betty Boop and place that on top of the cake as decoration, but I thought it shouldn’t be that easy!  Why?   I have no idea!   Somehow I decided to make a special cake topper, Betty Boop sitting in her martini glass with some bubbles.   I stayed up until mid-night every night of this week to make a Betty Boop, I’m really tired.   I’m not a sculptor, so I had to redo many times.    I’ve done cute animals without too much details, but human figure is not easy for me.   I know Betty Boop is not a real person, but I wanted this one to be sexy, cute, and beautiful.   I wanted to give up so many times to change my course of direction with “Plan B”, but my hubby told me it looks “good”!    So I believed him.

This cake is a 8-inch round cake, 5 inches tall.   She wanted Barefoot Moscato infused vanilla cake.   This cake has 5 layers of cake drizzle with Moscato wine syrup, filled with pink Swiss Meringue Butter Cream between each layer (I wish I could cut it and take a picture of it), then covered with Mango Flavor Fondant.     I had hard time looking for a mango flavor or extract in the local area.    I looked into using fresh mango, but mango at stores were not ripe, so I found Mango Marmalade in a can.   I made my fondant with the sweet mango marmalade and tasted great.

So here it is.   Betty Boop cake.

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