Chocolate and Oreo Rules!

It’s the time for Graduation!    I attended one of 5 graduation ceremonies called Commencement at University of Central Florida this past weekend.   There were 1600 students in this particular ceremony and it was very long as you can imagine.   One newspaper article said there were 7800 students graduated from UCF during this ceremonies.    Wow, that times many many colleges in this country.   I hope every one of them lands on a great job and be happy.    Good luck to all recent graduates.

Because I had to travel for hours, I couldn’t make a cake.   What else can I make that won’t need a refrigeration and can last for a lengthy period of time?   I came up with chocolate covered Oreo cookies.   I’ve been obsessed with chocolate covered Oreo cookies lately for some reason.    They are simple enough and taste great.

121 127 131Another bonus!   Chocolate High Heel!  I wish I have taken better photos.  =(




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