Another Mommy Cake!

After I showed the previous Mommy Cake to my neighbor, she fell in love with the bumps and the baby feet pushing out, silently demanding “I wanna come out!!!”.    She was planning a baby shower for her daughter in a month and I think she made up her mind that she had to have this mommy cake at that point.

The Mommy-to-Be wanted to incorporate music notes and stars in black, lime green, and silver.   The cake was a white cake with swiss meringue buttercream filling which is very delicious like ice cream and a bunch of blue cake pops inside, so it showed many blue circles when the cake was cut (it’s too bad that I didn’t have picture of that! ).

Fondant was home-made, white chocolate fondant which tasted very very delicious.    It’s so funny to see that top two round cakes represented boobs were the last part to be cut and saved for her husband.  :)

Mommy Cake

I’m so glad that every one enjoyed the cake.

Mommy Cake