Yay Cookies!

I had so much fun making these cookies.   These were made for a special event, Bridal Shower.   It was not an ordinary bridal shower because the bride is soon to be my daughter-in-law.   She is very special and deliciously sweet.    The theme of the bridal shower was “Glamping”.   What is Glamping?   Well, it’s a glamorous camping for city girls who are not used to go camping normally but they will try it just because cute boys are going camping.

7 Dozen Cookies!

I had a couple of different designs.  There is a circle round and heart shaped designs.  Yes, pink color was the must-have in this design.   I came up with these designs based on the invitation (which I do not have a picture of…).


Cookies were Vanilla infused Orange Spice Butter cookies.    As you can see these were individually packaged with a specially designed sticker which were created and printed by my lovely assistant for the day (thanks Shawn).   When you opened the seal, you can smell delicious butter and vanilla which always brings smile to your face.

Here is a close-up of the round sticker we printed to seal the package.20131231_154714

I also made a dozen of wedding dress cookies.   These were packaged with white ribbon.  :)

Wedding Dress CookiesI originally planned to make about 3 dozen cookies or 4 dozen at most, but I ended up making 7 dozen total.

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