Hellcat Tank Cake

I’ve never heard of the word “Hellcat” before.   I would think the term would refer to a nasty cat.   :)

I was given a project to make a tank cake for a 5-year-old boy who is into “Hellcat” tank.   This is for his farewell party with his friends as his family is relocating.   I had to take this assignment very seriously, so I got the accurate measurements of this vehecle or thing and make sure that the result can be recognized by this obviously a bright young man, Carver.     I calculated the top, bottom, height, etc to make sure everything is proportionally appropreate.   I know it’s going to get cut up and eaten up, but it is very important to me to have the “wow” factor.

The Top tier is Banana cake with delicious Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.   I used Pirouette Cookie for the gun part.   I baked a 8-inch square cake and cut out in the shape I needed it to be.    The cake scrap disappeared very quickly by gremlins in my house.   The bottom tier is Chocolate cake with same buttercream with mini chocolate chips.      I baked 13×9 cake and trimmed sides.    Again, the trimmed pieces had legs and ran away!    As you can see I used Oreo cookies for the wheels and fondant is white chocolate home-made fondant which is very tasty like candy.    I made the same color of Royal Icing and decorated the tank.

Hellcatside Hellcatfront2 HellcatfrontHellcatTankBackThanks for visiting~