About Me

I enjoy baking and creating something unique and beautiful. ¬† Yeah, a lot of time, it doesn’t work out like I imagined in my head, but I am a passionate baker, cake decorator, mom, IT professional, and pastry-chef-wanna-be who watches youtube to learn new skills, attends International Cake Exploration Society (ICES) convention and classes, gets inspirations from flickr and pinterest, and is crazy about all kinds of cake decorating gadgets and tools. :) I am also passionate about teaching others and sharing ideas. I get my inspiration from furniture store, painted art, wall paper, and building art deco. On the other hand, I’m very conscientious¬†about ingredients and flavors and presentations. ¬† It’s very important for me that I am eating and serving delicious items that make us very happy by looking at them and tasting them. Fine ingredients are important for me, so I use all butter in my buttercream, 60+% cocoa butter dark chocolate, and whip heavy cream to make a whipcream.

Easter Bunny and Egg Basket

I am in South Florida and can be reached at sweetcakery@ymail.com.

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